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Bidirectional Mix Jet Aerator installed in an in-ground basin. BIDIRECTIONAL MIX JET AERATORS

Bidirectional Mix Jet Aerators (BMJA) have nozzles arrayed on both sides of a common liquid header, allowing for liquid flow in opposite directions. This enables the BMJA to successfully mix a tank with minimal equipment.

Click here to see the flow pattern of a bidirectional mix jet aerator in operation in a round tank.

Applications for Bidirectional Mix Jet Aerators

Four Bidirectional Mix Jet Aerators arrayed in circular tank. Mixing Systems, Inc. typically uses Bidirectional Mix Jet Aerators for medium to high rate activated sludge systems where they are located along the center of a rectangular, square or circular tank. Rectangular basins wider that 60 feet (18 meters) usually require parallel manifolds to provide highly efficient, completely mixed systems. The BMJA is highly adaptable and can handle a wide range of operating possibilities.

BMJAs are often used in circular tanks where a single operating aerator can cover the entire tank volume. In very large circular or rectangular tanks, multiple BMJAs can be used to thoroughly mix the tank contents.

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