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One of four Directional Mix Jet Aerators installed in a circular channel. DIRECTIONAL MIX JET AERATORS

Directional Mix Jet Aerators (DMJA) place the nozzles in a linear arrangement along one side of a header pipe which carries the circulating liquid. Flow is aimed in just one direction, making DMJAs ideal for installation near the wall of a long, narrow tank. DMJAs can also be used in series to direct liquid in a circular flow pattern.

Click here to see the flow pattern of a directional mix jet aerator in operation in a rectangular tank.

Applications for Directional Mix Jet Aerators

Directional Mix Jet Aerator installed along one wall of the tank. Mixing Systems, Inc. frequently recommends Directional Mix Jet Aerators for oxidation channels, aerated lagoons, storm water holding tanks, and plug flow basins.

The discharge pattern of the DMJA creates a momentum, reinforced downstream when successive headers are used, or a transverse bidirectional roll in a plug flow tank. The jets work together to maximize the mixing effort.

Several arrangements of DMJAs are possible. They can be used as a single header, in a row pointing one way, in two rows pointing in opposite directions to create a circular movement, or in a radial pattern. With such versatility, it is easy to create an aeration system that will perfectly fit process needs.

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