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Eddy Mix Jet Aerator installed in the center of a 60 ft (18 M) diameter, sloped-bottom tank. EDDY MIX JET AERATORS

Eddy Mix Jet Aerators (EMJA) place the nozzles in a radial arrangement around a common chamber which supplies both air and liquid to the nozzles. Typical EMJAs have twelve jet nozzles arranged thirty degrees apart to form a radial cluster. These nozzles create twelve individual plumes, as shown below, which thoroughly mix the tank. Air and liquid may both enter from the top, as shown to the right, or liquid may enter from the top and air from the bottom.

Click here to see the flow pattern of an eddy mix jet aerator in operation in a round tank.

Applications for Eddy Mix Jet Aerators

Twelve individual jet plumes can be seen as this Eddy Mix Jet Aerator mixes the entire tank. The EMJA is particularly suited for circular tanks. A single unit can accomodate tanks up to 65 feet (20 meters) in diameter or smaller.

The effective mixing pattern permits Eddy Mix Jet Aerators to be installed in square or circular tanks without affecting performance. Typically, these applications are medium to high reaction rate systems such as high-rate activated sludge and complete mix designs, aerobic digestion, recarbonation, and chemical oxidation.

For larger tanks, Mixing Systems, Inc. may use multiple EMJAs. It is common for a series of EMJAs to be used, served by common liquid and air headers. Mixing from one cell to another takes place through dynamic conditions existing at the boundaries.

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