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One of four directional jet mixers installed to create a circular flow pattern. JET MIXERS

For systems that do not require air, Mixing Systems, Inc. can manufacture jet mixers in any of the following configurations:

  • Directional Jet Mixer (DJM)
  • Bidirectional jet Mixer (BJM)
  • Eddy Jet Mixer (EJM)

Jet mixing differs from most types of liquid/liquid mixing in that the driving force is hydraulic rather than mechanical. Instead of shearing fluid and propelling it around the mixing vessel, as a mechanical agitator does, a jet mixer uses a centrifugal pump to force fluid through nozzles within the tank, creating high velocity jets that entrain other fluid. The result is shear and circulation, which mix the tank contents efficiently. Jet mixing is especially cost effective in large volume tanks (over 1000 gallons) and low viscosity applications (under 1000 cP).

24-Jet stainless steel eddy jet mixer. Applications for Jet mixers

Applications of jet mixing include solids suspension and liquid blending. In general, jet mixers tend to be used in situations that require turbulence, rapid approach to homogeneity and high local shear rates. Jet mixers can handle solid particles up to about 2.2-inch (55 mm) diameter. The largest solid particle must be smaller than the diameter of the primary nozzles because otherwise plugging may occur.

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