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Self-Contained Eddy Mix Jet Aerator Self-Contained Jet Aerators and Jet Mixers

Mixing Systems, Inc. uses self-contained jet aerators/mixers as innovative solutions for rivers, ponds, and tanks that can not be drained. The jet aerator/mixer and a submersible pump are mounted together on a common base. These self-contained units can easily be dropped into a liquid filled tank or stream with a minimum of installation time required.

All configurations (directional, bidirectional and eddy jet aerators/mixers) have successfully been used as self-contained units. The correct selection depends on tank or river characteristics and aeration or mixing requirements. Because self-contained aerators/mixers require submersible pumps, more pump maintenance is required than with typical dry-pit or vertical pumps.

On self-contained units, a lifting cable is an integral part of each assembly. This simplifies installation and allows easy access to units for inspection and routine maintenance. The lifting cables also allow for adjustment of aerator/mixer submergence for control of the zone of mixing in certain processes. In addition, the self-contained units can be easily repositioned to create a desired variation in oxygen consumption within the aeration basin, or to accommodate new units required for increased system loadings.

Bidirectional Mix Jet Aerator manufactured of 316 SS Stainless Steel Jet Aerators and Jet Mixers

Mixing Systems, Inc. can also manufacture any jet aerator or jet mixer configuration in 304 or 316 stainless steel. Under certain circumstances other selected metal alloys have also been used when the situation requires it. Stainless steel jet aerators or jet mixers are especially useful in extremely corrosive environments.

16.5-inch diameter eddy jet mixer Miniature and Oversized Jet Aerators and Jet Mixers

For applications with limited space Mixing Systems, Inc. can manufacture very small jet aerators or jet mixers. For instance, the eddy jet mixer shown in the picture to the right is only 16-1/2-inches diameter, making it easy to install through an 18-inch manway.

One of the largest jet aerators in the world Alternately, jet aerators and jet mixers can also be designed very large. Mixing Systems, Inc. manufactured one of the largest jet aerators in the world when the flow to one pulp mill demanded seven 240 ft (73 M) jet aerators with a 36-inch (900 mm) liquid line and a 20-inch (500 mm) air line.


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